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Your CFO Chief Financial Officer | FD Finance Director | Business Partner


Through partnership and collaboration we empower you with a transparent and meaningful understanding of your finances. This clear financial picture allows allows you to make vital commercial decisions from one single point of truth.


Financial structure and certainty is key. With our guidance you will have the detailed knowledge of how you can maximise the money within your business driving your success.

By fulfilling the senior Financial role as a member of the executive team, our advice provides a trusted sounding board for business success. By bringing clarity, stability and confidence to a company’s financial position, we create a well-defined picture to bring certainty to key decisions.


We provide leadership for your strategic financial direction, with a clear eye on cash-flow. We advise on streamlining operations and processes to maximise the financial strength of the business, and help to prioritise budgets for dynamic investment in line with your goals.


We mitigate risks to your business through accurate financial reporting, providing a peace of mind for clear decision making and maximising growth opportunities.


With a broad appreciation on business best practice, we also actively engage in wider discussions for key decisions within your business.

How we help you:

Complimentary Initial Steps

The first step is a discovery session, here we listen and discuss your business and look at the challenges you are facing, gaining an understanding of your objectives and the type of support you require.

We recognise that a 'one size fits all' approach simply does not work. Therefore, we look at your requirements and construct bespoke solutions to meet them. At a follow up meeting we will discuss our tailored proposal and welcome you to question and personalise accordingly. 

Continued Support

We will work with you to deliver the agreed solution, reviewing against the scope at regular stages and adapting where necessary.


Who we help

We work with ambitious executive leaders to help them optimise their business, whether this is rationalising current operations or scaling and expanding.


Due to COVID-19 your profits may not be what you had planned, but you are still optimistic about the future. 


Through highly effective communication and collaboration, provision of concise and meaningful information, we help clients improve their quality of life by ensuring financial stability. The result is a fitter, leaner and far more simple business model.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have identified areas of your business which could be more efficient and you are keen to make changes.


  • Your business is experiencing rapid growth, through winning new large clients or extending existing business beyond your forecasts.

  • Or are you are acquiring a new site, or considering purchasing another business.

Are you questioning .....

1. Whether you have the financial capability to invest in more people, kit or other resources? Should you put all your eggs in one basket, or should you resist the change and stay as you are?

2. How you look at your own business performance and make quality decisions about what to do next?

3. Which data is instructive and which numbers can you afford to ignore?

4. How do you go to your bank to discuss the investment you need?

If you need a sounding board, give Laura a call on: 07495 648 054 or click on the "Take Survey" button below for your complimentary evaluation


Who we work with

Harp Interiors

"Laura brings and emphatic view to finance delivering high level analysis and ensuring the business is fully informed..."


Harp lrg background.png

Laura is a fantastic listener, she is professional, accurate and has an eye for detail. Laura brings an emphatic view to finance delivering higher level analysis and ensuring the business is fully informed. I would highly recommend Laura to any client.

- Hayley Roy -

Owner / Designer 

Loop Voice & data

"Her reports and advice helped us to put a plan in motion very quickly and see results faster than we were expecting..."


Voice and Data Loop.png

Laura was able to help us with our business plan and identify some of the areas needing improvement. Her reports and advice helped us to put a plan in motion very quickly and see results faster than we were expecting. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to any other companies

- Shahram Bagherzadeh - Managing Director

Bawi Sadheura

"...wealth of knowledge and experience and her calm nature helped me build my understanding of finance..."


quotes bubbles.png

"Laura is knowledgeable, highly skilled, always approachable and open to helping with any queries. Her wealth of knowledge and experience and her calm nature helped me build my understanding of finance and provided me the opportunity to upskill myself. I would highly recommend Laura to any future clients"

Bawi Sadheura, Finance Manager


Laura Hicks - Jola Strategic Director

Director - Laura Hicks ACA

A Chartered Accountant by training, a Finance Director by experience, Laura relishes inspiring business owners to reconnect with the financial heart of their companies. She has a real passion for helping leaders to take a step back and see their excitement when they realise what is possible, simply by understanding the commercial picture before them. It is this ability to crunch the numbers and reveal the true story of each business that she works with, that allows a fresh approach to the challenges they deal with, day-to-day.


Laura's passion for business development started while training with an Essex firm of accountants. She loved working with SMEs, and this has formed her appreciation and understanding of the unique challenges each one faces. Businesses are managed by people and the individuals involved in each company are all different, with their own commercial dynamics. Laura has always preferred personal interaction and a hands-on approach, and she work with a small number of businesses at a time, in order to be fully immersed in your culture, products and services, financial systems and business ethos. She firmly believes this is the only way to provide valuable advice that will give you a visible return on your investment.

Laura's experience is extensive and varied, providing a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of improving business performance. Previous roles include working as a Finance Director for a leading financial services company, Business Partnering with a renewable energy group, and working as a Corporate Manager with a top 50 City-based accountancy practice.



Laura Hicks has recorded some videos which include useful and helpful tips and ideas for managing finance and strategic planning.



We invest in personal development and work with a range of different partners to extend our experience and provide, where relevant, suitable support for clients.

These partnerships provide the capacity to deliver successful business coaching and workshops, along with access to extra business services in the way of IT support, HR guidance, marketing and administration.

As an active member of the Institute of Directors and Essex Chamber of Commerce we are keen to influence and improve business performance by being a voice for the business community.

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Laura Hicks ACA

55 John Street


Essex, CO7 0NA

07495 648054

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