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About Jola Strategic

Jola, a dynamic company that empowers business leaders like you to take back control, manage risks, increase profit, and create the work-life balance you strive to achieve. 


Now is the time to take your business to the next level and achieve your commercial vision. You have built brilliant technical and operational functions and you're ready to focus on the top tier!


We work alongside you to inspire confidence and ensure you have a complete and transparent commercial approach that works for you.

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How do we work?

Tell us your challenges, we will listen, and work together to develop solutions by following 3 simple steps:


1.   Join us for a consultation meeting to discuss your needs – completely free.

2.  You receive insights at a discovery session where we dig a little deeper – again

     at no charge.

3.  Moving forward, we work together to implement change and achieve your goals.


Meet Laura

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Jola Strategic Ltd was founded by Laura Hicks ACALaura is an executive leader with over 26 years’ experience in accountancy practice and commercial sectors, including financial services, renewable energy, and construction. She gained her expertise through the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. 


Laura prides herself on bringing structure and calm, enabling business leaders to make confident commercial decisions within their organisations


Outside of work, Laura loves travel, adventure, and experiencing different cultures. She spends most of her time keeping up with her football-mad son, Josh, and their lively black Labrador, Milo. An advocate for wellbeing, she always finds time to recharge through her favourite activities, including running, skiing, dancing, reading, yoga, and meditation.

Our values


We keep finance simple, using plain language and a practical approach. We take the ‘scary’ out of numbers and present information so you will understand finance!

"Jola Strategic provided us with a clear financial picture".

Phil Holding, MD - Horizon Construction Ltd 


Trust is at the heart of all of our business relationships, so you can feel confident and know you’re in safe hands.

"Utterly trustworthy, reliable and loyal".

Fiona Brown Communications & Event Management


We are always led by our strong ethics and our desire to do the right thing. We take an open, honest approach so you always know where you stand.

"I am personally grateful for the delicate handling of sensitive matters".

Ashleigh Seymour-Rutherford, CEO - Colbea


Every team needs support and guidance to keep learning and developing. We act as partners to strengthen your business and give you peace of mind.

"Working with Laura has reduced the stress and strain inherent in being a solopreneur".

Chris Lynch, MD - APC Communications Solutions Ltd

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